Chat notifications for Woocommerce


Chat notifications for Woocommerce is the plugin that takes the notifications you can send to your online store customers to another level.
It provides a clear and simple interface to configure WhatsApp notifications that you can send to customers whenever an order changes status.
Chat notifications for Woocommerce interacts directly with Meta WhatsApp Cloud API and let the admin user to select wich template message send.


  • Lists all your WhatsApp business API message templates
  • Allow to choose which message template send when a Woocommerce Order change status
  • Detects message template body variables (if any)
  • Let Admin users to map each template body variables with Woocommerce order field
  • Let Admin users to select whether to send the WhatsApp notification to Billing Phone or Shipping Phone

Coming soon:
– Submit new message templates directly from WooApp interface.
– WhatsApp templates variables in template title


  • How it works
  • Dashboard guide
  • Choose your template
  • Templates list
  • Settings


  1. Upload woo-app folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In admin menu just click on WooApp to view plugin pages


Do I need to code to use this plugin?

You don’t need to code to use this plugin. However, you may need to have a knowledge of Meta for developers tools.

Where can I find the requested Access Token, WhatsApp Business ID and the WhatsApp Phone ID?

You need to configure a WhatsApp app through a Meta developer account.
You can find all the required data in the WhatsApp tab of your Meta application.

How can I stop sending WhatsApp Templates on upgrading order status?

Just deactivate the plugin


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Contributors & Developers

“Chat notifications for Woocommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




First release


Bug fix


Minor Bug fix display images in dashboard


Fixed error in Message Templates section


Resolved bug that prevents selecting templates and causing errors


Updated dashboard documentation.
Updated Meta WhatsApp endpoint.


Added new International Phone Prefixes functionality.
Enabling this option will allow you to store the billing phone and shipping phone of orders with International phone prefixes, based on the user selected billing/shipping country in the Woocommerce checkout.