Out-of-the-box WordPress search (vector, hybrid, and keywords) for Weaviate, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Apache Solr, or Apache Solr Cloud – WPSOLR


WPSOLR allows your WordPress site to use a separately hosted search engine to have more accurate and faster results than the default WordPress search.

Advanced search algorithms powered by AI technology ensures that your customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Enhance the user experience on your website and drive sales with our AI-Powered search.

What does this plugin bring to the table ?

Accurate Results: The AI algorithms are trained to understand natural language and match search queries to relevant products with high accuracy, reducing the need for manual searches.

Lightning-Fast Search: AI-powered search provides instant results, allowing customers to quickly find the products they’re looking for, even on large e-commerce sites.

Increased Sales: Faster and more accurate search results lead to increased conversions and sales, helping you to grow your online business.

WordPress AI search, vector search, hybrid search, and keywords search for the following open-source projects:
Apache Solr & SolrCloud

This variety of compatible search engines allows the WPSOLR plugin to suit every business’s needs.

– Install one or several OSS project above on your server, or on your favourite cloud provider. Docker and Kubernetes are supported.
– Upload and activate the plugin in your WP dashboard
– Follow the configuration guide to connect the plugin to your OSS project
– Tune the search and suggestions to your liking

Perfect for simple blogs and information websites. And it’s completely free for unlimited visitors and content.

For more complex sites like WooCommerce shops, WPSOLR Pro is packed with even more unique features like:
– OSS search engine APIs
– Algolia search API
– Google Retail API
– For Weaviate, APIs from OpenAI, Cohere, HuggingFace, Google Palm2 (embeddings, reranker)
– Integrations to the most popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, Polylang
– Advanced facets/filters like sliders, select, and range

For even more converting sites like heavy traffic WooCommerce shops, WPSOLR Enterprise is packed with even more unique features like:
– Recommendations for Recombee, Algolia Recommend, Google Retail AI Recommendations
– Personalized search results from visitors events for Algolia Personalized search, Google Retail AI Personalized search
– Vector and Hybrid search at world-scale with Vespa.ai
– Vector and Hybrid search with Algolia NeuralSearch™



നവംബർ 8, 2023
This plugin includes everything when it comes to search : keyword search, vector search (image and semantic), facets (filters) and sorting. It is incredibly fast and works with a wide variety of search engines (Elasticsearch, Opensearch, Algolia, Solr, Weaviate) making it the best free solution if you need a highly scalable search experience.
നവംബർ 7, 2023
Don't really understand why there are not more people using this. Elastic Solr and these days Weaviate offer state of the art search which has many advantages to standard wp search. And this plugin for sure makes implementing it a lot easier. For now it offers semantic search with Weaviate, hopefully they will add semantic search to Elastic and Solr as well soon.
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Contributors & Developers

“Out-of-the-box WordPress search (vector, hybrid, and keywords) for Weaviate, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, Apache Solr, or Apache Solr Cloud – WPSOLR” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • (new) Add settings to use any jQuery-Autocomplete option with suggestions
  • (new) Add post excerpt to boosts
  • (new) Index taxonomy’s featured image url for helping catalog discovery in external tools like Algolia


  • (new) Index featured image url for helping catalog discovery in external tools
  • (fix) real-time indexing not working on creation
  • (fix) SQL full-text search should not be executed
  • (fix) Random sort with Elasticsearch
  • (fix) Deprecated parse_str()


  • (Fix) Solr syntax error with facets containing ” and ”
  • (Fix) Facets containing “:” are not selected
  • (fix) Facets javascript error in backend search when several views


  • (deprecation) Deprecated Elasticsearch server 7.x version. Requires Elasticsearch server 8.x version
  • (php client) Update Elasticsearch PHP client from version 7. to version 8.
  • (new) Weaviate GPT4All vectorizer
  • (new) Self-signed node certificate setting for docker OpenSearch SSL
  • (new) Self-signed node certificate setting for docker Elasticsearch SSL
  • (new) Self-signed node certificate setting for docker Apache Solr SSL
  • (new) Self-signed node certificate setting for docker Weaviate SSL
  • (new) Button to clone index settings
  • (fix) Option to switch Solarium client from http to curl
  • (fix) Weaviate slider (numeric and dates),and range, facets
  • (fix) Weaviate sort on archive taxonomies



  • Tested with PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.2.2
  • (new) Set horizontal/vertical orientation on views’ facets. For instance, choose horizontal facets on admin search and vertical on front-end search.
  • (fix) Boost categories does not work
  • (fix) Wrong archive results with duplicated category names
  • (fix) Filters are wrongly showing results with partial matching
  • (Fix) Fix some “utf-8-middle-byte” errors with mb_substr()