The #1 Visual Regression Test Tool For WordPress

Check your website after updates to see if something broke with visual regression tests. Or monitor your website in intervals and get notified about any change.
With WebChangeDetector you can find any difference on your website

  • after installing updates,
  • after installing new plugins,
  • after pagespeed optimization,
  • after CSS changes or
  • any other customization on your WordPress website.

See all differences highlighted in a new screenshot to easily compare your website before and after the changes.
With our visual regression tests for WordPress you can make sure your website looks like it should, and fix anything which looks wrong, before your visitors see the issues.

Why You Should Use WebChangeDetector

  • Save trouble by letting us check your website for changes after installing updates.
  • Save time with checking all pages yourself after some changes.
  • Don’t miss sales because of overlooking issues on your site.

What You Can Do With Visual Regression Tests of WebChangeDetector

  • Run a change detection to see changes before and after updates at your website.
  • Set Monitorings in intervals which automatically detects changes.
  • Receive email alerts for visual regression test results and check the changes.
  • Check desktop and mobile screen sizes.
  • Set a threshold for how much
  • Share the change detection link with your web designer to fix issues.

Free Plan Limitations

  • Get 50 screenshots per month for the visual regression tests.
  • Monitoring only works in 24h intervals.

Premium Plans

Get more screenshots and lower monitoring intervals with our premium plans. You find them at www.webchangedetector.com/pricing/.


  • Show Change Detection: Check the changes before and after updates
  • Dashboard: Show the latest change detections and account information
  • Manual Checks: Select the pages to check and inject CSS for e.g. to hide dynamic content
  • Manual Checks: Start the pre-update screenshots of the selected pages
  • Manual Checks: Taking screenshots is in progress
  • Manual Checks: Make Updates or other changes on the website
  • Manual Checks: Create post-update screenshots and compare them with the pre-update screenshots
  • Manual Checks: Overview of all changed pages during the update detection
  • Change Detections: Overview of all change detections with filter options
  • Monitoring: Select pages to check automatically in intervals from 1h up to 24h
  • Logs: See all screenshots and change detections which were created


  1. Upload ‘webchangedetector’ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install it directly from your backend at “Install Plugin”
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a free account by filling the signup form
  4. Activate your account by clicking the ‘Activate Account’ button in the email we sent you
  5. Now you can start your visual regression tests


മാർച്ച്‌ 10, 2023
I’m tracking a bunch of website changes with this tool. It’s affordable and saves me time by automatically checking if stuff broke after updates, especially plugins.
ഫെബ്രുവരി 16, 2021
I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and wouldn’t want to miss it. It works and helps to save both time and trouble. Updating my site is much less of a headache now.
ജനുവരി 30, 2021
This plugin is amazing! I’m managing websites with over 300+ pages and tons of externally embedded forms etc and it’s simply impossible to manually keep track of every little issue that might occur after an update or user fault (quite often even something as important as forms go missing). Now I’m simply getting an email with an overview of what has changed on the site and it only takes me a few seconds to notice if something isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, so I can go directly to the relevant page and fix it.
ജനുവരി 29, 2021
Finally I’ve been searching for a tool like this for a long time. It works smoothly and is exactly what I was looking for. I would totally recommend webchangedetector to other people with websites!
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Contributors & Developers

“WebChangeDetector” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Show updated pricing calculations
  • Fix when API is down


  • Fix: Activating mobile pages


  • Fix: Signup process
  • Test: Current WordPress version


  • Improvement: Integration of new account structure
  • Improvement: Changed names for screenshot types
  • Test: Current WordPress Version
  • Test: Current PHP Version


  • Fix: Upgrade Link
  • Test: Current WordPress version


  • Feature: Auto Detection Intervals of 15min and 30 min
  • Fix: Finish update change detections


  • Fix: Sync post_types


  • Fix: Bulk select in tables
  • Improvement: Simplify update detection wizard
  • Feature: Sync additional post types and taxonomies


  • Fix: Update Detection not shown


  • Testing compatibility for WP 5.7
  • Filter for urls
  • Compatibility fixes for api requests
  • Show selected URLs on top


  • Feature: Add threshold setting for change detections
  • Fix: Saving settings for auto and update detections


  • Feature: Create account directly from plugin
  • Feature: Slider for comparing screenshots
  • Feature: Navigate directly through change detections
  • Feature: Show browser time for next auto detections
  • Feature: Copy url settings to other detection type
  • Feature: Compare before and after screenshot with slider
  • Feature: Show live status when taking screenshots
  • Feature: Pagination for logs
  • Feature: Show change detections and screenshots in logs
  • Improvement: Available screenshot overview
  • Improvement: User experience
  • Fix: Error handling when changing domain
  • Fix: Skip URL sync for other post types


  • Fix comparison view


  • Fix for new accounts
  • Fix link to create free account
  • Update readme


  • Validation fixes


  • Remove Plugin Updater
  • Prepare for WP Directory


  • Update repository url


  • Fix initial sync of urls


  • New Layout
  • New dashboard
  • New Change Detection tab
  • Help texts
  • Directlink to upgrades


  • Redesign selecting urls
  • Move Change Detections to seperate tab


  • Switch to new API


  • Improvement: Free account with 50 change detections every month
  • Improvement: Only show change detections with differences
  • Improvement: Show icons for devices
  • Feature: Show queue for currently processing urls and already processed ones
  • Feature: Pre- and post-update change detections for less unnecessary compares
  • Feature: Filter showing change detections by days


  • Fix: Prepare Plugin for changes in API


  • Fix: Change in API for Amount of selected urls in Update Change Detection


  • Fix: Disabled auto sync after publishing posts. This caused issues on publishing posts.


  • Feature: Order urls by page title


  • Feature: Sync new posts with API


  • Launch Stable Version